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Serendipity Social Event Co.

Bloom Bar

Bloom Bar

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Serendipity Social Event Co. offers an excellent service called Bloom Bar Rental, which is perfect for various occasions such as birthday parties, bridal showers, engagement parties, and baby showers. Our Bloom Bar Rental provides an inexpensive yet delightful take-away gift option for guests. The Bloom Bar is beautifully designed and adorned with an array of vibrant flowers and foliage, creating a visually appealing and memorable experience. Guests can handpick their favorite blooms and create their own personalized bouquets to take home. This unique and interactive concept adds a touch of serendipity to any event, leaving guests with a special memento that they can cherish long after the celebration ends.

*prices may very depending on guest count. We offer two bloom bar floral holders, one accommodates, 15–20 guest. By adding the second balloon bar floral holder, you will be able to accommodate 30-45 guests. Florals are included with additional fee. Contact us with questions about additional fees.*

Delivery & Setup

Serendipity Social's delivery and setup policy is simple: We offer these services for all rentals. This means that when customers rent products such as furniture, decor, or equipment, Serendipity Social will deliver them to the desired location and set them up as requested. This service ensures that customers can focus on enjoying their event or occasion without worrying about the logistics of delivery and setup.

*Extra fees may apply. Contact us for any questions you may have regarding delivery fees.*

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